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Multi Port Client

PCoIP Multi-Port Client with Physically Separated Networks


The rise of electronic networking vastly expanded the scope of possibilities open to innovative, productivity-minded businesses. Companies and organizations are now relying massively upon intranets and extranets to share information, communicate with employees, suppliers and customers, and enable collaboration on projects. In the meanwhile, they also have to offer Internet accesses to connect with the extensive range of information resources and services.

Some corporations and institutions (financial, industrial control companies, military/government, research institutions, etc.) secure their sensitive data (e.g. trade records, customer databases, research databases, intellectual property) in a separately managed server with additional protection. The server access is restricted to limited qualified employees and separated from the rest of intranets.

Although Virtual Private Network (VPN), Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) and some existing solutions can logically segment network by functions, business areas, or applications, and help secure private network traffic over an unsecured network, many companies find that there is an urgent need to set up “physical” separated networks and accesses to databases, intranet, extranet, and internet for security purposes.

Leadtek’s Multi-Port Client features maximum three zero client boards in one box, each has its dedicated Ethernet port for connecting to a separated network. It is designed for companies and organizations which require physically (not software or logical) separated networks and accesses on secured and non-secured zones to protect sensitive data. Users can easily control/switch from network to network using a single set of keyboard, mouse and the easy-to-understand device panel.



  • Design for companies and organizations which require “physically” separated networks and accesses to secured and non-secured zones (database, intranet, extranet, and internet)
  • Support maximum three client boards in one Multi-Port Client device. Each client board has its physically separated network access port
  • Use the proprietary TERA2321 PCoIP client processor that resides in the remote access client board
  • Control/switch from network to network using a single set of keyboard, mouse and the Multi-Port Client’s easy-to-understand control panel
  • Support up to two 1920x1200 high-resolution video and four USB 2.0 peripherals
  • High cost effectiveness, space saving, usage efficiency, and easily re-configured client boards by allowing hot plug feature



Model Multi-Port Client
Max Number of PCoIP Sessions 3 (support by three client boards)
Max Number of Displays 2
Processor TERA2321 client processor on each client board
Memory Type 512MB DDR3 on each TERA2321 client board
Maximum Resolution One 2560x1600 (through DisplayPort) or Two 1920x1200
Device Physical Dimensions 5.68 (length) x 7.24 (height) x 7.54 (depth) inches
Typical Device Power 26W (with three clients)
External Connectors One DisplayPort
One single-link DVI-I
Four USB
One headphone
One microphone
Up to three 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 Ethernet ports
One 19VDC power connector
Internal Interface PCI Express x8 proprietary interface on each client board 
PCI Express x1 Ethernet interface on each client board
LED One Multi-Port Client Power LED
Three Client Board Power LEDs
Three Present Operating State LEDs
Three Client Board Session LEDs
Button One Multi-Port Client Power Button
Three Client Board Power Buttons
Thermal Cooling Solution Passive heat sink on each client board